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Incl'Autism Autism and Occupational Integration


The major challenge of the INCL'AUTISM project is to promote the professional integration of people with autism spectrum disorders into the mainstream. Inform local managers, and encourage support from "referral" employees in the company who, on a daily basis, harmonise the integration of people with specific needs. By bringing together, alongside training institutions, representatives of the main actors concerned: people with autism spectrum disorders, family associations involved for many years in social integration and representatives of businesses and the entrepreneurial world sensitive to its social responsibility, INCL'AUTISM gives itself the means to provide an adapted and operational response.

A project developed under the Erasmus+ programme, Incl'autism brings together Italian, Portuguese and French partners.

The INCL'AUTISM project will develop in 4 languages (English, French, Italian and Portuguese):

  • Training in the form of MOOCs complemented by educational tutorials to facilitate their use
  • A guide to the competency framework for the accompaniment of people with specific needs in the ordinary workplace
  • A communication kit including a short film to promote the professional integration of people with autism disorders