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Mobilité internationale

La Mobilité Internationale à l'IRFSS Occitanie

Référente mobilité : Martine Baurin (

Statistiques :

Nombre d'étudiants partis en stage à l'étranger (2019)


Nombre d'étudiants partis via Erasmus (sortants 2019)


Nombre d'étudiants venus via Erasmus (entrants 2019)


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ERASMUS+ project

The inclusion of international mobility in our educational project and the construction of sustainable exchanges with European university faculties/universities contribute to the modernisation of health training courses undertaken in France and in our institute.

The mobility in training allows the student, the trainee, the apprentice, to discover and study other realities, widen the field of his knowledge, develop his adaptability and an interest in interculturality; important advantages in his future profession.

Developing mobility allows the future professional to become a mobile employee, promoting his employability.


A great example of successful mobility with ERASMUS +

Machteld, Nursing student at the Thomas More University in Belgium, joined us on internship mobility in 2019.

All our institutions and training courses are part of the Erasmus+ mobility programme. IRFSS is a member of the Consortium of Health and Social Training led by the Occitanie Regional Council.

Erasmus Charters 2021-2027:

Declaration of the mobility policy of the Toulouse site

Download our presentation brochure :

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Erasmus + INCL AUTISM Strategic Partnership

The INCL'AUTISM project brings together 4 partners from Portugal, Italy and France, with the aim of promoting the social inclusion of young adults and adults with Autism Sphere Disorder (ASD) through work.

Project n° : 2020-1-FR01-KA204-080300 

Project websilte

Facebook page

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International Internship

International internships respond to the principles defended and valued by the Red Cross: openness to other thoughts, cultures and practices, prospective and collective learning to the extent that they generate through the project and feedback a collective competence. As a result, these internships are encouraged.

The programmes of studies leading to health and social diplomas give the possibility to organize training courses outside our borders according to the pedagogical project of the institute and the professional project of the student.

Each year, our students travel to every continent, from Maghreb countries to Senegal and Burkina Faso, from Canada, Asia to Vietnam or Cambodia, India or Oceania.

We work in partnership with the French Red Cross International Relations and Operations Division or with associations related to social, medico-social and health institutions in these countries. A tripartite agreement is established between the student, the host institution and the IRFSS.

The Institute’s international traineeships instructors guide students in their educational and administrative processes. Before any departure, the institute ensures the security conditions of the host countries.

The Occitanie Regional Council accompanies our students in mobility

Région Occitanie

L'Europe s'engage en France

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Cross-border Mobility - Spain-France-Andorra - FEDER

Supported by the Occitanie Region, cross-border mobility projects began with an innovative approach of several Training Institutes of Caregivers on each side of the border

As part of the Interreg program, 12 Aides-Soignants and Aide-Soignantes of the IFAS of Toulouse went to internship in Catalonia in 2018 and 1019.

The exchanges of practices made it possible to organize the reception of future Spanish trainees for the month of June 2019 in Toulouse. (2 students caregivers and a student ambulance for a month).

This experience has highlighted, for future French caregivers, their ability to adapt, autonomy to a different socio-cultural and professional context and the development of language skills in Spanish.

This project has also made it possible to establish close relations with Catalan training establishments and host health and medical-social establishments, which leads to an educational enrichment of all participants.

La Région Occitanie s'engage en Europe

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